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    Corporate culture is created in the creation and development of material civilization and spiritual civilization accumulated in the general hub-twisting, is their core values, codes of conduct, is the soul, and the corporate culture is a holistic, open, continuous with the Ju Jin, and development of the mainstream, rather than closed Closed and fixed, which includes corporate positioning, business philosophy, the ultimate mission, management thinking, product marketing, services, talent strategy and so on.

  Homeopathic mission: to promote the healthy development of homeopathy, the quality is enterprise's life, I Division in order to provide high-quality series of health products and services for the consumer
The health escort for staff to create a good, sustainable development service platform.

 Business Philosophy: The efficiency operations center, the staff must be honest inji, the flow, unavoidably, on a budget.

 Management Concept: Management is fundamental to development, it should be people-oriented, principles, norms, human nature, service perfect.

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